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The Victorian Web welcomes submissions of original unpublished work that is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere; and of work that has already been peer-reviewed and published but is currently out of print and for which the author holds copyright or can obtain permission to republish.

How to submit work: Submissions should be emailed to jackie@victorianweb.org. Material submitted for assessment should be saved as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) or Mac pages.

What we acquire: If your article is accepted for publication, the Victorian Web acquires first world electronic and archival rights as well as the right to publish translations of your article on the Victorian Web. After publication, you retain the copyright and are free to republish; however, you should be aware that some publishing houses and academic journals will not republish work that has already appeared online. Material published on the Victorian Web will be archived there at the discretion of the editors and will not be removed except under extraordinary circumstances (e.g., the work is found to be plagiarized).

Please do not submit work that is under consideration for publication elsewhere, and do not submit previously published work for which you have not secured the copyright.

We ask that you refrain from submitting the same piece to multiple section editors at once. Our all-volunteer editorial team appreciates your cooperation.

On the use of algorithmic and AI tools: An AI program cannot be an author of anything published on Victorian Web.

Text generated from algorithmic tools such as ChatGPT must not be used in material published on Victorian Web. Submissions making undisclosed use of such tools will be rejected. Material published on Victorian Web and subsequently found to be in violation of this policy will be removed.

Authors using algorithmic tools to create graphics must adhere to the following rules:

What to expect: Once contributions are accepted, contributors are, as a rule, expected to format articles in HTML according to our guidelines and to prepare the work for publication according to Victorian Web house style. (Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and an editor may be available to assist, if necessary.)

Contributors should expect to be edited. Contributions related to matters outside the expertise of the editorial team will be sent for peer review; we ask for your patience as this process can take a while. In the course of preparing your work for publication, an editor may raise questions related to argument, evidence, point of view, voice, tone, and style.

Bibliographic references must be complete, accurate, and formatted in HTML in Chicago style (17th edition). Additional instructions for preparing your materials are described in the documents linked here:

Last modified 28 June 2023