Michael Williams, an Exhibition Scholar at Jesus College, Cambridge University, read for his first degree in English Literature for which he was awarded an Upper Second Honours degree. He was subsequently admitted to the status of Master of Arts. He is an associate both of the Jesus College, Cambridge Society, and the Cambridge University Society. He was awarded his doctorate by Loughborough University for his research into the writings of John Ruskin.

In addition to his contributions to the Victorian Web, Dr. Williams has contributed articles to academic journals on Harper Lee, Alice Walker, Mildred D. Taylor, William Golding, Andrew Marvell, Wilfred Owen, and Shakespeare. He has also written about recent changes in educational policies and developments in pedagogical strategies.

He has been a full-time English teacher throughout his career dealing with pupils aged between 11+ and 18. In his leisure time, he has worked in a semi-professional theatre as director and actor. Among his credits as an actor, he counts Shakespeare's Marc Antony, Malvolio, Henry V, and Hamlet. He has also directed King Lear, Macbeth , and such modern dramas as Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Robert Patrick's Kennedy's Children.

Last modified 8 April 2017