Beverley Park Rilett is a Research Assistant Professor and Lecturer in English at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Her teaching and research specialty is nineteenth- and early twentieth-century British women authors. Since writing her Ph.D. dissertation about George Eliot (2013), Rilett has published several articles on aspects of the author's life and works including, “The Role of George Henry Lewes in George Eliot’s Career: A Reconsideration.” George Eliot-George Henry Lewes Studies, 69: 1 (2017), 2-34; “George Eliot in Romantic Biofiction,” American Book Review, Winter 2017; "George Henry Lewes, the Real Man of Science behind Eliot's Fictional Pedants" George Eliot - George Henry Lewes Studies, 68: 1 (2016) 4-24 [text in Victorian Web; and “Victorian Sexual Politics and the Unsettling Case of George Eliot’s Response to Walt Whitman.” Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 31 (2014), 69-97.

In December 2017, in partnership with the George Eliot Fellowship, Rilett launched the George Eliot Review Online to host all digital editions of the journal from its inception in 1970. The following year, in December 2018, she introduced the George Eliot Archive, an extensive repository of writings and research materials by and about the author. In addition to editing these ongoing digital projects, Rilett is completing the final stages of a revisionist biography of George Eliot.

Last modified 5 January 2019