The Conference

Early Popular Visual Culture (formerly Living Pictures) in association with the National Fairground Archive and the University of Leeds will hold a third event examining the use and exploitation of the projected image within the fields of entertainment, education, science and the domestic environment.

The theme of this three-day conference is Magic and Illusion and will be a combination of academic papers, performance and film screenings. The conference incorporates both academic and non-academic historians, collectors and performers and will to bring together the worlds of photography, film and mass visual culture to a wider and more inclusive audience. The Conference will take place at the University of Sheffield between 15 and 17 July 2005.

As well as a range of papers from internationally renowned academics and historians the conference will also feature a day of magic curated by Eddie Dawes, Historian of the Magic Circle, popular stage illusions, a lantern show and screenings of magic and illusion films from the collections of the British Film Institute and the Nederlands Film Archive with live musical accompaniment.

There will also be a special performance of local Mitchell and Kenyon films and a launch event for the new journal, Early Popular Visual Culture.

Interested in attending the conference? For information contact Simon Popple [].

Magic and Performance Shorts

Show and Tell: Stagecraft

Magic, technique and film form

Stage and Screen

Spectoral Images

Representations and Reportage


Magic Day at Visual Delights 2005

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