1838 Hugh Stratton meets Betty Cross

1841 Oscar Hopkins born, England

1852 Saturday before Palm Sunday Lucinda Leplastrier's father killed when thrown from horse frightened by Elizabeth Mullens

1858 Elizabreth Leplastrier first encounters BloomerÕs rational costume. (25 December) Christmas pudding incident; Miriam Bradshaw only survivor of shipwreck.

1859 Lucinda buys glass factory

1860 Theophilus Hopkins published on corallines, anemones, and starfish in Encyclopedia Britannica

1862 January Miriam Bradshaw marries Johnny Chadwick

1863 Johnny Chadwick dies of snakebite

1864 Oscar arrives in Australia on Leviathan with Lucinda [p. 158, but see p. 176]

1866 Oscar Hopkins dies, Australia

1970 Church at Gleniffer painted harsh limegreen


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