Catalogue entries are organized in a standardized sequence:

date in brackets when assigned and not documented
technique in terms of material substance (graphite, ink, watercolour …), tools (pen, brush…), support or carrier (paper, canvas…); graphite preceding watercolour means under-drawing etc.
measurements size of whole objects in metric and imperial measurements; size of stretcher in oil on canvas
signed transcription includes what are believed to be inscriptions by the artist’s own hand with addition of (/) for indication a new line
inscribed transcription of significant secondary additions in writing with addition of (/) for indication a new line
provenance available documented origin of an object
exhibitions available evidence of exhibition
literature objects published or mentioned in print of significance
top, upper, bottom, lower, right, left, center
r recto: face
v verso: back—terms combined to describe location of interest
window opening of the mount (passe-partout), size of image, when it is not possible to take measurements of the whole object without the risk of damage
support enforcement of the carrier
paper, light board, boardcategories determined by weight of paper
oil, board oil on a stiff plate, made of combined materials for painting purposes oil, wood oil on wooden board
wove paper hand-made paper with smooth surface
laid paper hand-made paper with ribbed surface produced by wire sieve
prepared paper paper with a post-production treatment of the surface for drawing purposes
buff paper color of unbleached paper of any hue between grey-brown-yellow-tan
laid on pasted on stronger support, enforced
pasted paper pasted on the opening of a mount
ink liquid media
India ink black ink
reps cloth woven in fine ribs combining materials (in our case cotton for ribs and hemp for weaving)
A.R.A. Associate Royal Academician
R.A. Royal Academy; Royal Academician
attr. attributed
ed., eds. editor(s)
edn. edition
ibid. ibidem: in the same place as quoted before
ms. manuscript
MP member of parliament
P.R.B. Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
[sic] warning of mistake transcribed from the original


Crowther, Paul. Awakening Beauty: The Crowther-Oblak Collection of Victorian Art. Exhibition catalogue. Ljubljana: National Gallery of Slovenia; Galway: Moore Institute, National University of Ireland, 2014.

Created 4 February 2015