The Hay Cart by Stanhope A. Forbes, RA (1857-1947). Source: Birch, facing p. 44. Forbes's early biographer describes how he and his like-minded artist friends set themselves to "paint the picture entirely and absolutely out of doors, braving all difficulties, and relying in no way upon sketches or studies, with which, later on, the work could be comfortably finished within the walls of a studio—such was the creed to which they pledged themselves. Nature was to be respected and followed without question: to be blindly obeyed" (Birch 21). Such a programme would not be as hard in the Cornish countryside on a day like this. The cart is piled high, indeed overflowing with hay, and the farmer workers and their children are making their way home. In the distance are farm-buildings, and a tall hayrick, overlooking the bay. The sun casts long shadows after hard but well-rewarded labour. The scene is a very pleasant one.

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Birch, Mrs Lionel. Stanhope A. Forbes, ARA, and Elizabeth Stanhope Forbes, ARWS. London: Cassell, 1906. Internet Archive. Contributed by the Kahl/Austin Foundation. Web. 28 February 2021.

Created 28 February 2021