British Institution

1855 No. 325 Loch Aline, Argyleshire

Royal Academy of Arts

1858 No. 56 Darlestone Bay, near Swanage

No. 438 Swanage, Dorsetshire

1859 No. 480 The Burgess of Calais, A.D. 1347

1861 No. 649 Dante and Beatrice

1869 No. 519 Ave Maria. A cartoon for one of two life-size paintings on the east wall of All Saints’ Church, Notting Hill

1875 No. 639 Dante Alighieri

1876 No. 637 Mrs. Gilbert Scott

No. 1160 Miss May Drummond

No. 1190 Illustrations to Lewis Carroll’s “Hunting of the Snark.”

1877 No. 666 Children of the Rev. Clement Prance

No. 732 Ara innocentiae

No. 835 Diana. “Queen and goddess, chaste and fair, etc.”

1878 The Duet

1879 No. 832 Sara, belle d'indolence

No. 857 Adam. “In the sweat of they face shalt thou eat bread.”

No. 1197 Theology; a cartoon for decoration

1881 No. 1539 Sleep

1882 No. 1686 Nymph and Cupid; design for centre of chimneypiece – bas-relief, bronze

1883 No. 1138 The Man of Sorrows. Cartoon for part of the Cavendish memorial window

No. 1140 Design for stained glass window in St. Margaret’s, Westminster, in memory of Lord Frederick Cavendish

No. 1169 The Agony of Christ. Cartoon for part of the Cavendish Memorial Window

1884 No. 1743 Jacob’s ladder

1886 No. 206 The Propylaea, Athens

1887 No. 1733 Charity; design for stained glass window, Philadelphia

1888 No. 594 Aspasia on the Pynx

1889 No.1824 “Of such is the kingdom of heaven” ; design for decoration

1890 No. 1621 Terpsichore

No. 1622 Erato

No. 1623 Helen

No. 1624 Iphigenia

No. 1625 Jephthah’s daughter

No. 1626 Cleopatra

No. 1627 Fair Rosamund

No. 1628 Joan of Arc

1892 No. 1793 “In heaven their angels always behold the face of My Father”; design for stained glass window for Rydal church

1895 No. 1456 “O all ye works of the Lord, etc.” Windows of Grace Church, Utica.

No. 1470 “Christ the Consoler.” Window, Church of St. Luke’s Hospital, New York

1896 No. 1717 “Moses leaving the Court of Pharaoh”; window to General Lee, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Richmond, Virginia

1897 No. 1637 Miss Evelyn Lichfield

1902 No. 1529 “The Crucifixion”; window, Holy Trinity Church, New York

Dudley Gallery, General Exhibition of Water Colour Drawings

1865 No. 76 On the Conway

No. 297 On the Llugwy

1875 No. 437 Music (unfinished)

1876 No. 62 An English Homestead

Grosvenor Gallery – Summer Exhibitions

1881 No. 243 A Quiet Family Meal

No. 257 Tulips

No. 289 A Breeze in St. George’s Chapel

1883 No. 165 Dante and Beatrice

1887 No. 246 Belgrade - Sunrise

No. 287 Street of Tombs, Pompeii

No. 333 Etna – Early Morning

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