Among the Missing

Walter Langley, RI

Watercolour on paper

Exhibited at the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolors in 1884

H 118 x W 85 cm

Collection: Penlee House Gallery & Museum, Penzance (PEZPH : 1998.34)

The Magazine of Art (1884) comments that this “is one of the most striking drawings in the present exhibition . . . , and is decidedly the most important of the artist's works hitherto. It has attracted much attention both by its excellent technical quality and by the facile power and breadth with which a familiar scene is presented; the interest it creates, though so spontaneously evoked, is not of the kind that is quickly exhausted. Freshly and even vividly felt as its pathos and power are at first sight, the appeal to our sympathy and understanding is made with such simplicity of method, and is so broadly based on a sentiment common to humanity, that the impression is deep and lasting. [continued below]

Image via Art UK on the Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives licence, added by JB; text by GPL.