As a painter, Mr. Legros technically most resembles the Spanish masters, such as Ribera, for his sober choice and his broad handling of colours, and for his resolute and unwavering directness of method. Devoid as they are of popular charm, his works have qualities very much more valuable. In the christening scene [A Baptism] reproduced in our one concluding woodcut, we have a typical scene of French peasant life and character, interpreted with quite masterly power and feeling. From the whole quiet scene and simply ordered solemnity what a spirit is breathed of time-honoured habitude and hereditary seriousness and devoutness. This is, as it were, the imaginative atmosphere of the picture: and if we come to details, what truth, and at the same time what strength, in these types of priest and peasant: what an unforced air in the several personages of duty, patience, and composure: with an absence of all artificial or deliberate prettiness, what spontaneous dignity of gesture – even what grave beauty of type and character. — Sydney Colvin, 1884 The Magazine of Art

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