Umbrellas and Commerce

Umbrellas and Commerce by Mortimer Menpes. 1901. Watercolor. Source: Japan: A Record in Colour, facing p. 190. Umbrellas always caught Menpes's eye: "I shall never forget my first rainy day in Japan. I went out in the wet and stood there, hatless but perfectly happy, watching the innocent shops light up one by one, and the forest of yellow oil-paper umbrellas with the light shining through looking like circles of gold, ever moving and changing in the purple tones of the street" (100). It was easy for a stall to advertise its wares when they could be lined up in front of it like this. — Jacqueline Banerjee

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Menpes, Dorothy. Japan: A Record in Colour. London: Adam & Charles Black, 1901. Internet Archive version of a copy in the University of California Libraries. Web. 7 July 2019.

Created 7 July 2019