Note 3 to the author's "Millais's "Mariana": Literary Painting, the Pre-Raphaelite Gothic, and the Iconology of the Marian Artist"

See "John Everett Millais's 'Autumn Leaves': 'a picture full of beauty and without subject'," in Pre-Raphaelite Papers (London: Tate Gallery, 1984): 126-42. As well as recounting the story of Millais's sweeping of leaves at Tennyson's Farringford home in 1854 and noting the correspondence between the imagery of "Tears, Idle Tears" and Autumn Leaves, Warner produces an extensive list of Romantic and Victorian literary sources of autumnal themes, a procedure somewhat at odds with his thesis that the painting is pioneering in its non-literariness.

Last modified 7 October 2001