The following protest poem appeared on p. 124 of the 9 December 1865 Fun. It echoes an editorial cartoon that appeared in the following page. The text was transcribed from page images made available online by the Suzy Covey Comic Book Collection in the George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida. — George P. Landow]

Boy and girl, woman and child,
       Man grown feeble and old —
While the rain beats fast and the stonn is wild —
       Have no shelter o’erhead
       And nought for their bed
But the pavement dank and cold.

And matron, master, and guardian—warm
       By a blazing fire within,
Their comfort enhanced by the outer storm —
       Are puzzled that these
       Do not feel at their ease,
Starved, and drenched to the skin!

What country like ours for its poor
       Has taken the pains to provide?
A home for the needy its Poor Laws ensure —
       Build unions great,
       With attendants to wait,
       And a porter on guard at the iron gate,
That the poor may—sit outside!

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