Victorian Periodicals Mentioned in the Victorian Web

General Materials

Some of the Periodicals Quoted and Discussed in the Victorian Web

All the Year Round

  1. Introduction

The Art-Journal

  1. The Art-Journal's Opposition to Ruskin
  2. Victorian Critics and Pre-Raphaelite Iconology
  3. The Triumph of Hard-edge Realism
  4. The Art-Journal's comments on Holman Hunt
  5. Reproductions of Contemporary German Painting
  6. Pre-figurative symbolism

The Athenaeum

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine

  1. The Unforgettable Characters of Dickens
  2. A Contemporary Review of Aurora Leigh
  3. Dickens and Social Class
  4. Victorian Working Women

Cornhill Magazine

  1. The Cornhill: An Introduction
  2. "Elizabeth Barrett Browning" (1874 article)
  3. A Contemporary Review of Aurora Leigh
  4. "On the Side of the Maids" (1874 article)
  5. "On the Side of the Mistresses" (1874 article)
  6. "Agricultural Labourers" (1874 article)
  7. William Makepeace Thackeray: A Brief Biography (founding editor)
  8. The Cornhill, Great Expectations, and The Convict System in Nineteenth-Century England
  9. Falling in Love in Jane Eyre and Great Expectations
  10. Authors who published in The Cornhill

The Examiner

  1. Charles Dickens, the Examiner, and "The Fine Old English Gentleman" (1841)

The Graphic

  1. Introduction
  2. The artist-illustrators of The Graphic

Household Words

  1. An Introduction
  2. "The Lost Arctic Voyagers"
  3. "Frauds on the Fairies"
  4. Our Phantom Ship: China

The Illustrated London News

  1. An Introduction
  2. The Illustrated London News and Its Rivals -- Lloyd's Illustrated London Newspaper, The Pictorial Times, and The Illustrated Times
  3. Overview (List of documents discussing ILN)


  1. Punch: An Introduction
  2. The Subjects of Punch Cartoons and Caricatures
  3. (several hundred images with text)
  4. Satire and Science in the First "Information Age"
  5. Authors who published in Punch
  6. Conservative Social Satire in Punch and The Way We Live Now
  7. Social Position in Punch's Almanack and The Way We Live Now"
  8. Reimagining Heroism in The Way We Live Now
  9. "False from Head to Foot": Aristocratic Pretentiousness in Punch and The Way We Live Now
  10. Social Satire in Punch: "A Misconception"
  11. Mocking False Religion
  12. Social Satire in Punch and Trollope: Marriage
  13. American Swindlers
  14. Trollope's Social Satire
  15. Punch: "Doctors Differ"
  16. Women in Chains
  17. The Greek Slave in Punch -- Used Against Slavery
  18. The Greek Slave in Punch -- Used Against Nude Statues
  19. What is Romantic Love? Margaret Hale and Ruby Ruggles Reply
  20. The Maynooth Grant
  21. Queen Victoria
  22. Racism and Anti-Irish Prejudice in Victorian England
  23. Mayhew's London Labour and the London Poor
  24. Victorian Racism
  25. The Yellow Book
  26. Aubrey Beardsley's Art Works: A Preliminary List
  27. Punch Parodies Beardsley
  28. Carlyle's attacks on the Wealthy in "Hudson's Statue" and Punch
  29. Victorian Railways, Punch, and "Hudson's Statue"
  30. Punch and Brontë on Training the Ideal Governess
  31. "What Power; -- What Grandeur" (II)

Westminster Review

  1. Nineteenth-Century Views of Blindness and Deafness and Jane Eyre
  2. Passion Versus Reason in Jane Eyre and The Pickwick Papers
  3. Dickens's Readership, Review Readership, and Comic Caricature
  4. A Contemporary Review of Aurora Leigh
  5. Class Attitudes in The Westminster Review and Jane Eyre
  6. Dickens, The Westminster Review, and the Convict Question

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