Our Private View of the Royal Academy: No. 1940 A Statue at Large. Illustrating by mechanism "The Descent of the Crown." By Alfred Gilbert, A., and "A 1," Empressionist. By Harry Furniss. Punch (12 May 1888): 220.

Harry Furniss is making fun of the sculptor's design of a seated Victoria, a full-scale plaster model of which was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1888. It was greatly praised, but it was just too elaborate for the cartoonist, who all too graphically imagined the great and glorious crown being mechanically lowered over the monarch's head by one of her more menial subjects. — Jacqueline Banerjee

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Punch 94 (1888). Internet Archive. Contributed by Robarts Library, University of Toronto. Web. 2 October 2017.

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