Hob Lyn, Richard D. Hob Lyn, M.A., Oxon., Author of “A Manual of Chemistry,” &c.. A Manual of the Steam Engine. London: Scott, Webster, and Geary, Charterhouse-square “Just published, price 3d., royal 8vo.”


1. Preliminary observations on Heat and Steam.

2. Early applications of Steam Power

3. Watt's Single-acting Steam Engine.

4. Watt's Double-acting Steam Engine.

5. Applications of the Expansive Force of Steam

6 and 7. Of the several Parts of the Modern Steam Engine, considered separately.

8. Of the Mechanical Power of Steam, and of the Power and Duty of Engines.

9. Of Locomotive Engines on Rail- ways.

10. Of Steam Navigation.


1. On the Causes and Prevention of Slips or Falls of Earth from the Slopes or Excavations on Railroads.

2. Of Explosion of Steam Boilers.

3. Electro-magnetic Railway Train Controller.

4. Of Rotary Engines.

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