ON Monday a young man, named Jenkins, was brought before Mr. Rawlinson, at the Marylebone Police Court, charged with attempting to defraud the Great Western Railway Company by riding for a greater distance than that for which he had paid his fare. He had been locked up from Saturday night to Monday, and under the circumstances he was discharged with an admonition.

On Saturday last, Francis James, a late inspector of police on the Eastern Counties' Railway, was committed to Newgate for trial, from Worship-street police court, on a charge of having feloniously obtained four watches, valued at 35l., from a watchmaker in Shoreditch, on pretence that they had been ordered by Mr. Hall, the Manager, for the use of the police on the line.

Last week Mr. Fletcher, inspector of the Manchester and Leeds Railway at the Rochdale station, brought an Irishman, named Timothy Kelley, before the magistrates of Rochdale, on a charge of having attempted to defraud the Company, by coming on the Leeds train on Monday night without having paid any fare. The inspector said such attempts had become frequent of late, and as an example the prisoner was ordered to pay his fare, 6s., and 5s. expenses. He paid neither, and went to prison for 14 days.

William Sellers, a schoolmaster, of Wyke, was brought up on Monday at the Wakefield Court House, charged with trespassing on the Leeds and Manchester Railway, whilst in a state of intoxication. He was fined 10s. and expenses.


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