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he society photographer Hayman Selig Mendelssohn was born in Poland in 1849, but fled his home country after having taking part in a Polish uprising, making his way via Germany to England, where he eventually became naturalised. He first worked in the studio of William Downey, then set up his own studio in Newcastle. In June 1882, he opened a studio in South Kensington, and was at Cathcart Road there from 1883-1888. Material about him appears on the University of Glasgow's John McNeill Whistler site because he photographed the artist in about 1884. He also had a studio at 14 Pembridge Crescent in the West End, from 1886-1908, working with Herman E. Mendelssohn from 1887. His high-class clientele included the Queen and members of the royal family. The Photographic Journal announced with "much regret" that he died on 24 January 1908. — Jacqueline Banerjee



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