(George) Herbert Watkins opened his Regent Street studio in 1856 and produced a series of photographs of distinguished contemporaries, which he published with printed biographies under the title ‘National Gallery of Photographic Portraits.’ In advertising his works [in Notes & Queries, 30 January 1858], he stated that all were ‘taken specially from Life’, were unretouched and were ‘as remarkable for their agreeable fidelity to nature as for their brilliancy of production and their economy of cost’.... A total of 193 portraits by Herbert Watkins are in the National Portrait Gallery collection, of which some 120 images are contained in an album compiled by the photographer towards the end of the 1850s. [Dr. Jan Marsh]



Marsh, Jan. "Amelia Edwards: Extended Catalogue Entry." Web. 1 June 2021.

Last modified 1 June 2021