1784 ‘Letter from Nonsense With Some Account On Himself and Family’ (essay in Wit’s Magazine)

‘Farther Account of the Family of Nonsense’ (essay in Wit’s Magazine)

1786 ‘Remarks on the Biographical Accounts of the late Samuel Johnson, LL.D., with an Attempt to vindicate his Character from late Misrepresentations’ (published in the December issue of the Gentleman’s Magazine, pp. 1123-7)

1789 ‘On the Abuse of Satire’ (a poem published anonymously in the Gentleman’s Magazine)

1790 ‘A Defense of Poetry [and] Specimens of a New Version of Telemachus’ (printed for Harrison and Co in London)

1791 Curiosities of Literature (London: John Murray)

‘Tracts by [Bishop William] Warburton and a Warburtonian’ (the Gentleman’s Magazine)

1792 Eighty-nine Fugitive Fables (London: J. Collingwood)

1793 A Dissertation on Anecdotes (London: C and G. Kearsley and J. Murray)
Curiosities of Literature (second volume)

1794 Domestic Anecdotes of the French Nation (London: Kearsley)

1795 An Essay on the Manners and Genius of the Literary Character (London: T. Cadell, Junr. and W. Davies)

1796 Miscellanies; Or, Literary Recreations (London: T. Cadell and W. Davies)

1797 Vaurien: or, Sketches of the Times Exhibiting Views of the Philosophies, Religions, Politics, Literature and the Manners of the Age (a novel in two volumes; London: T. Cadell)

1798 ‘A Biographical Sketch of the Jewish Socrates’ (an essay on Moses Mendelssohn in the July and December issues of the Monthly Magazine)

1799 Romances (London: Cadell and Davies; reprinted in 1801 and 1807) including Mejnoun and Leila, the Arabian Petrarch and Laura (the earliest Oriental romance in the English language)

1801 Literary Miscellanies Including A Dissertation on Anecdotes. A New Edition Enlarged (London: John Murray)
The Daughter, or a Modern Romance in Romances Second Edition Corrected (London: Murray and Highley)

1803 Narrative Poems(London: John Murray)

1805 Flim-Flams!, Or the Life and Errors of My Uncle and the Amours of My Aunt with Illustrations and Obscurities, by Messrs. Tag, Rag, and Bobtail. A Literary Romance (London: John Murray)

1807 Romances; Consisting of a Persian, a Roman, and an Arcadian, Romance, Third Edition. Revised (London: John Murray)

1811 Despotism; or the Fall of Jesuits. A Political Romance (London: John Murray)

1812/3 Calamities of Authors; Including Some Inquiries Respecting Their Moral and Literary Characters (London: John Murray)

1814 Quarrels of Authors: or Some Memoirs for Our Literary History (3 vols; London: John Murray)

1816 An Inquiry into the Literary and Political Character of James the First (London: John Murray)

1817 Curiosities of Literature (third volume; London: John Murray)

1818 The Literary Character, Illustrated by the History of Men of Genius, Drawn from Their Own Feelings and Confessions (a new version of 1795 Essay on Manners and Genius; (London: John Murray; reprinted in 1822, and in 1828 by S. and R. Bentley)

1820 A Reply to an ‘Unsentimental Sort of Critic’, the Reviewer of ‘Spence Anecdotes’ in the Quarterly Review for October 1820

1823 Curiosities of Literature (fourth and fifth volumes)

1828-1830 Commentaries on the Life and Reign of Charles the First (five volumes; London: Henry Colburn)

1832 ‘Eliot, Hampden, and Pym (London: Henry Colburn and Richard Bentley).
‘Our Anecdotage’ (a collection of anecdotes gleaned from manuscript sources and printed by D’Israeli in the New Monthly Magazine 34)

1833 The Genius of Judaism (the first edition published anonymously; in the second edition the same year the author’s name appears; London: Edward Moxon)

1834 Curiosities of Literature (a six-volume edition published in London by Edward Moxon)

1838 The Illustrator Illustrated (London: Edward Moxon)

1840 ‘On the spelling of Shakespeare’s name’ (a letter in the January issue of the Gentleman’s Magazine)
Miscellanies of Literature (London: Edward Moxon)

1842 Amenities Of Literature (London: Edward Moxon)

1858-9 Works (the first collected edition in 7 volumes, edited by Benjamin Disraeli (London: Warne, Routledge and Warne)

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