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he editors of Romanticism on the Net (RoN) are pleased to announce the launch of NeuRoN (, a major new index of digital archives, databases, catalogues, and textual editions relevant to British literature and culture of the “Romantic Century” (1750-1850). Created in connection with the 2018 reboot of the scholarly journal Romanticism on the Net, NeuRoN fills a conspicuous void in the field, offering scholars of Romanticism and adjacent periods an open-access, stable, and up-to-date portal to hundreds of online resources, ranging from massive subscription databases like ECCO and British Library Newspapers to legacy sites dedicated to individual authors or texts.

NeuRoN follows in the tradition of pioneering aggregators like Voice of the Shuttle, NINES, and 18thConnect, curating sufficiently reliable digital resources into 16 categories (e.g., “Periodicals,” “Diaries & Letters,” “Women’s Writing & History”) and providing brief descriptions and hyperlinks for each.

We invite all scholars of late 18th- and early 19th-century British literature and culture to explore NeuRoN, bookmark it, and pass along any suggestions, corrections, or omissions to its lead editor, Nicholas Mason (

Last modified 15 February 2019