1792 born Horsham, Sussex, August 4, eldest son of Timothy Shelley.
1802-4 at Sion House Academy.
1804-10 at Eton.
1810 enters University College, Oxford.
1811 expelled for refusing to acknowledge or deny authorship of The Necessity of Atheism. Elopes with Harriet Westbrook; estranged from his father.
1812 in Ireland, campaigning for reform.
1813 Queen Mab. Daughter Ianthe born June 28.
1814 meets Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin; they elope in July to Switzerland. Son Charles born to Harriet November 30.
1815 daughter born to Mary (Feb. 22) lives only a few days. Percy's grandfather, Sir Bysshe Shelley, dies leaving him 1000/year. Father made a baronet.
1816 "Alastor." Son William born to Mary (Jan 24). The Shelleys living in Geneva, Percy meeting Byron daily. Harriet commits suicide in November. Percy marries Mary at the end of December.
1817 loses custody of his children by Harriet. Daughter Clara born Sept. 2.
1818 The Revolt of Islam. Moves to Italy for his health. Clara dies Sept. 24. Mary completes Frankenstein.
1819 The Cenci. June 7, William dies. Percy Florence born Nov. 12.
1820 Prometheus Unbound. Family moves to Pisa. Percy meets Emiliana Vivani
1821 "Epipsychidion" and "Adonais." Byron moves to Pisa.
1822 Shelley drowns (July 8) near Lerici, Italy, when his small sailboat sinks in a storm.
1824 The Witch of Atlas and The Triumph of Life published.
1839 Poetical Works.
1840 "Defence of Poetry."

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