1707 Linnaeus born. Linnaeus founded a hierarchical system of classification.

1767 Cuvier born. Cuvier founded paleontology, thestudy of fossils.

1795 Hutton proposed geological theory of gradualism.

1798 Publication of Malthus' Essay on the Priciple of Population.

1809 Publication of Lamarck's theory of evolution — Darwin born.

1830 Lyell proposed geological theory of uniformitarianism.

1831 Voyage of the Beagle.

1844 Darwin wrote an unpublished essay on natural selection.

1858 Wallace wrote on natural selection. Both Darwin's and Wallace's ideas presented to the Linnaean Society of London.

1859 Darwin published The Origin of Species.

1865 Publication of Mendel's experiments on heredity

1871 Miescher isolated DNA

1892 Weisman demonstrated important role of nucleus in heredity

1900 Mendel's experiments rediscovered

1903 Sutton demonstrated chromosomes carry units of Mendelian heredity

1943 Demonstration that DNA is the genetic material

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