Architectural Sculpture at Victoria Station by H. C. Fehr

Architectural sculpture on one of the pediments over the eastern entrance to Victoria Station. Henry Charles Fehr (1867-1940). c.1910. Portland stone. The frontage of the London, Chatham and Dover Railway Station, as it then was, was the departure point for the Continent via boat-train from Chatham. Naturally Fehr adopted motifs associated with the sea. Each of the two pediments sports a pair of mermaid caryatids, with a wreath sited between them and a cartouche in the middle above them. Each mermaid has a boat under her protection, its prow and funnel peeping out from under one arm. She also holds one end of a swag of seashells. Nautical forms can be seen on either side of the cartouche as well — tridents and what look like the tips of anchors. The station frontage as a whole may be Edwardian Baroque, but the mermaids, with their flowing hair, sinuously coiling and scaly fish-tails, supple arms, and absorbed expressions, are more Art Nouveau in feel. [Click on this and the following images to enlarge them.]

Left: Close-up of one of the mermaid caryatids, with her long tail. Like pieces of architectural sculpture elsewhere, the mermaids here are protected” by netting and anti-pigeon spikes, but pollution has left its ugly mark, especially on the mermaid's right arm. There is some erosion, too. Middle: Closer view of the mermaid's face. Both spikes and netting are very much in evidence here, but there is still something alluring about the mermaid's languid, abandoned pose. Right: The mermaid on the other side. This one is clearly seen to be holding one end of the swag in her other hand. Her ship has a different funnel from the other one's, and she is in generally better condition.

Close-up of cartouche and finely executed shell swag. Note the mermaids' hands resting on it at each corner.

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