Laus Deo

Laus Deo

Kathleen Scott, Baroness Kennet (1878-1947)

Bronze, dark green and mid green patination

27 inches (66 cm.)

Laus Deo was originally conceived as a life size monumenr, the present example is a vety rare teduction made for the sculpture collector. While the work clearly reflects Scott's sculpture of Youth made in 1920, at the Scott Polar Institute in Cambridge, there is a simple joy of living to this simplet work. Stephen Gwynn comments on his book of the sculptures of the sculptress "A Getsure of exultation is carried here to the uttermost — the farthest reach of response to a message from outside and above."

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  • Photograph and text courtesy Robert Bowman

    Robert Bowman and the Fine Art Society, London, have most generously given their permission to use information, images, and text from Sir Alfred Gilbert and the New Sculpture in the Victorian Web. Copyright on text and images from their catalogues remains, of course, with them. [GPL]