Fireplace, Clare College, Cambridge Designed by Sir Matthew Digby Wyatt and executed by Theodore Phyffers. 1870-72 (?). [Click on image to enlarge it.]

Terence Trelawny-Gower, who provided the photograph, is looking for more information on this sculpture and reports that it was removed in 1935, though “what appears to be the bare base of the fireplace was still in the hall circa 1970. . . . Clare College minutes (1870) confirm the allocation of £2700 for the fireplace and decorative ceiling works in the Hall (The money to be raised” by the sale of Coprolites). The final cost was £3500. (approximately £240,000 at 2012 values.) ” If you have any information on this work or its location, please contact the webmaster or Mr. Trelawny-Gower [].

Last modified 12 May 2013