Judith and Jael

Judith and Jael

Alfred Stevens (1817-75)

Patinated metal

Height: 15 inches

Private Collection

From a design executed for Messrs. Hoole of Shetfield — British Sculpture 1850-1914, p. 31.

Robert Freidus e-mailed to explain that these “chimney piece figures, are, on the left, Judith, with sword and the head of Holophernes and on the right, with a hammer and peg, ready to drive it into Sisera is Jael (or Yael).“ These figures also came in a smaller, 8-inch version.

  • Smaller bronze casts and plaster maquettes
  • Image and caption reproduced with the kind permission of Fine Art Society, London, which retains copyright on text and images. [GPL]