Carvings on the façade of the Grade II listed Stroud School of Science and Art, Lansdown, Stroud, Gloucestershire. Designed by John Pollard Seddon (1827–1906) and William Henry Cox Fisher (1841–1903). Contributing sculptor: William Willingale Taylor (1851-1935). 1890s. Limestone. Shown on the corner tower above are a likeness of Queen Victoria, and, to the right, a locomotive.

Reliefs in roundels on the main frontage.

The reliefs are individually named as follows (left to right): Faraday, Huxley, Kelvin, Barry, Rossetti, Leighton and Turner. Click on all the images to enlarge them: the likenesses are exxcellent.

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Photographs by James Cooper (Art UK), text and formatting by Jacqueline Banerjee. The images have kindly been released under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licence (CC BY-NC) licence.


"School of Science and Art." Art UK. Web. 28 November 2022.

Created 28 November 2022