Teucer (maquette)

Sir W. Hamo Thornycroft, R. A. (1850-1925)

Insc. "Hamo Thornycroft 1881."

Bronze, with rich brown patination

Height 8 1/2 inches (21.7 cm.)

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  • Completed sculpture (large version)
  • "Elfrida Manning notes that as early as 1881, Thornycroft "had taken the unusual step of casting his original sketch model in an edition of 25 copies". Of all his bronze statues the one that remained most popular was Teucer, closely followed” by The Mower. Both had been published in an edition of 25 copies, although there were two versions of Teucer, one of 30" and one of 13".

    In 1924 he made yet another slightly modified versiof the 13" Teucer, in which he increased the thickness of the ankls, altered the curve of the bw and — at least in one example — added a quiver lying at Teucer's feet. Some of the copies were provided with fig leaves, but this was not." — Sir Alfred Gilbert and the New Sculpture 108

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