Baron Henri de Triqueti (1803-1874)

Engraving of the sculptor's drawing

Published 1868

Source: Perkins, Plate XX in Appendix

"Angel from the high altar of Sant' Antonio at Padua, from a drawing” by the Baron H. de Triqueti" (Perkins, Appendix, following p.274). Charles Perkins explains in his brief preface, "To this volume is added an Appendix, containing some additional matter, corrected dates, and four plates engraved for M. Charles Haussoullier's French Translation of 'Tuscan Sculptors.'" Of these plates, two were of Triqueti's drawings. Perkins continues, "I take this opportunity of expressing my thanks to the Baron de Triqueti, who has kindly allowed me to engrave some of his admirable drawings from Sculptures in Italy for that translation, and for this volume."

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