Memorial plaque to Memorial Plaque to James Smith

Memorial Plaque to James Smith

Richard Westmacott

c. 1838


Antechapel, Brasenose College, Oxford

The college chose many fellows on the basis of relationships to various benefactors with often grotesque results, such as the appointment of Smith in 1819 over the objections of the Principal Frodsham Hodson on the grounds that he was both the “twelfth cousin four times removed of the daughters and co-heiresses of John Port II” as well as their fifth cousin eleven times removed (169). Such appointments, which continued as late as 1846, occasionally produced good scholars, and Smith ended up a popular Vice Principal.

  • Westmacott's name incised lower right
  • Inscription
  • Brasenose College, Oxford
  • Photograph and text by George P. Landow.

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