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Bibliography of articles in Illustrated London News

All these articles, where are here arranged in chronological order, were read in the Hathi Trust Digital Library online version of a copy in the Princeton University of Library.

“Terrible Collision on the Thames: Great Loss of Life.” 73 (7 September 1878): 227.

“The Great Disaster on the Thames.” 73 (11 September 1878): 244-45. (6 illustrations).

“The Disaster on the River.” The Illustrated London News (11 September 1878): 282.

“The Great Disaster on the Thames: Collision between the Princess Alice and the Bywell Castle, near Woolwich.” 73 (14 September 1878): 256-59.

“The Great Disaster on the River.” 73 (September 1878): 282-83.

“The Loss of the Princess Alice.” 73 (28 September 1878): 299.

“The Loss of the Princess Alice.” 73 (16 November 1878): 462. [Results of Coroner's and Board of Trade's investigations.]

Bibliography of Secondary Material

Thurston, Gavin. The Great Thames Disaster. London: George Allen & Unwin, 1965. [unseen].

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