Peabody Square

Peabody Square. Blackfriar's Road, London. 1871. Compare an example of a London slum — Market Court, Kensington. [Compare the Peabody buildings in Chelsea]

Nicholas Bentley describes the "generosity of George Peabody, an American businessman who had established a business in London in 1837. Over a period of four years Peabody gave what was then the astionishing sum of �350,000 'To ameliorate the condition of the poor . . . and to promote their comfort and happiness' by the erection of model tenements. In London a number of these tenements, known as Peabody Buildimgs, still serve their original purtpose of housing working-class families" (72).

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Bentley, Nicholas. The Victorian Scene: 1837-1901. London: Spring Books, 1971.

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