St. George (stained glass)

Ward and Campbell Brothers, Franklin Street


City Hall, Donegall Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Brett characterizes the magnificent interior of the City Hall, splendid even when compared to the halls and rotundas of Canadian legislatures and American state Capitols, as "ornate in a moderately restrained way" (p. 55). The Italian marble glows, the rococo plasterwork is impeccable, the overall effect dazzling, particularly of the great dome about the great circular stair-well and lobby.

Other Views

  • Front with Pediment, Dome, and flanking Tower
  • Pediment (Hibernia, Minerva, Labour, Industry, Liberty, and Commerce)
  • Mural beneath dome
  • Dome Ceiling
  • Banquet Room with Barrel Vault Ceiling
  • Legislative Chamber
  • Carpet with Seal of the City of Belfast
  • Rotunda ceiling and arches
  • Stained Glass Window with City Seal
  • Victoria Window (stained glass)
  • Victory
  • Text and photograph by Philip V. Allingham 2006.

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