“Pembroke College, endowed by Thomas Tesdale, Esq. (first scholar of Roysse's Grammar School at Abingdon, and twice elected Mayor of that borough) and Richard Wightwicke, B.D., and named after William, Earl of Pembroke, then Chancellor of the University, with whose consent the change was made. Camden the antiquary, Beaumont the dramatist, and Pym the puritan, were members of Broadsgates Hall. ”

“The most conspicuous memory associated wih Pembroke College is that of Dr. Johnson: his rooms were on the second floor over the entrance-gateway. In the Library they have his bust by Bacon, his MS. "Prayers and Meditations," college essays, and letters, with two of his desks ; and in the Common Room his portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds, his teapot and other relics. Other Pembroke worthies are Bp. Hall, Sir Thomas Browne (author of Religio Medici), Shenstone, Blackstone, and Whitefield; while among more recent members may be mentioned Bp. Jeune, Dr. Bartholomew Price, and Mr. G. W. Steevens, the lamented War Correspondent.”

“Almost all the present buildings are quite modern. The Chapel, a fair specimen of the heavy classic of the Georgian period, was begun in 1728, the year of Dr. Johnson's entrance into the college, and consecrated by Bp. Potter in 1732. Its interior, hitherto plain even to ugliness, was in 1885 transformed into "a thing of beauty,"' from designs by Mr. C. E. Kempe. The Reredos consists of beautifully veined pale marble columns enclosing a fine painting copied from a Rubens at Antwerp, over a super-altar of carved alabaster. The windows are filled with stained glass, and the walls and ceiling glow with gold and colours.”

“ In 1829-30, the N. front of the college and other portions were altered to the Gothic style; in 1854-6 a new wing was built, the Fellows' buildings were added, and the Library (the old refectory of Broadgates) was greatly improved. In 1890 a gallery was added to provide room for the large bequest of books, from the late Prof. Chandler's collection. The Hall, facing it, was erected in 1848, from designs by Mr. C. Hayward. Its stained glass windows bear the arms of benefactors, and there are several portraits on its walls” (Alden's Oxford Guide, 77)

Victorian and modern photographs

Images of Pembroke College in art


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