Roll-Top Desk

Roll-Top Desk

Designer: John Pollard Seddon, 1827-1906

Manufacturer: Thomas Seddon


Oak frame inlaid with marquetry of various woods, pitch pine facings, the drawer handles ornamented with turquoise cameos, cabochon-cut malachite and ruby glass, the metalwork damascened and coloured.

45 inches; 1ength 40 inches; width 28 inches

Shown in the Gothic Court at the 1862 International Exhibition in London. It seems possible that this piece was made for Seddon's own use, like the famous 'King Rene's Honeymoon' cabinet, which it resembles and which was also shown in the Gothic Court. The devices of architectural draughtsman's instruments and the monogram 'I.S.' in Gothic script tend to support this Theory. The Civil Engineer (November 1862) commented "Mr. Seddon also had a large show of furniture, in style much akin to that of Mr. Burges, and being less rencondite in treatment, is consequently more intelligible and likely to be better appreciated".

[Front three-quarter view]