Panelling, Spandrels and Corbels

Panelling, Spandrels and Corbels by William Morris. Panels and spandrels of wood, gilded and painted, the corbels of reconstituted stone. The painted decoration was carried out by William Morris for the dining-room of George Howard's house, 1 Palace Green, Kensington, which Philip Webb designed in 1867. The dining-room, which Morris then decorated, incorporated the Cupid and Psyche frieze by Burne-Jones.

The Studio (1898) says: "It would be a rash statement to affirm of the decoration of any single apartment, that it was absolutely the best example of the style it obeyed. Yet if ever it were safe to speak thus unreservedly, it might be concerning the beautiful dining-room at the Earl of Carlisle's House, Palace Green, representing as it does the united efforts of Burne-Jones, William Morris, and Philip Webb."

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