Orchid Comb Orchid Comb

Orchid Comb designed by René Lalique (1860-1945), Paris. c. 1902. ivory, gold, "plique-à-jour" enamel, horn, diamonds, 5 1/4 x 7 in. (13.3 x 17.78 cm). [Click on photographs to enlarge them.] Collection: Walters Art Museum, which permits use of text and image under the Creative Commons License. Photograph at right and formatting by George P. Landow.

“This orchid comb is carved from a single piece of ivory and is set on a gold stem striped with brown enamel. Three leaves extend from the base of the blossom rendered in "plique-à-jour" enamel graduated in hue from delicate peach to pale olive. The central vein of each leaf begins with a short section of light grey enamel and is followed by a row of graduated diamonds. Brown enamel covers portions of the leaves, both front and back. The stem is attached by a gold hinge to a three-pronged horn comb. Art Nouveau jewelers were particularly attracted to orchids because of their exoticism and rarity.” (from Walters site)


Orchid Comb” Walters Art Museum. Web. 8 November 2011. [Note: search by accession number — 57.936 — to locate item.]

8 November 2011