Drawing Room (or Boudoir) table cover

Designer: Harry Napper, 1860-1940 for the Silver studio

Manufacturer: Alexander Morton & Co.

Retailer: Liberty & Co.

Designed c. 1901

Woven wool and cotton

178 x 137 cm (70 x 54 inches)

A related cotton cover by Morton is shown in Liberty's 1901 Yuletide Gifts catalogue

Napper was a watercolourist and designer in many mediums. He joined the Silver Studio in 1893 and after Arthur Silver's death in 1896 he was responsible for design production. He left the studio in 1898 but continued to supply designs through them. His stylised floral designs were very popular on the continent and many designs were sold to French firms as well as to G P & J Baker, Alexander Morton and Turnbull & Stockdale. — Arts & Crafts Textiles in Britain