The Raven

[The Plague of Frogs] by Jemima Blackburn (née Wedderburn) (1823-1909) Click on image to enlarge it. 1886. “Photographed from the originals and printed in planotype.” From Bible Beasts and Birds (Hathi Trust online version of a copy in the Getty Research Institute)

At the bottom of the picture the artist has inscribed the following biblical verse: “Entreat the Lord that that he may take away the Frogs from men and from my People .” The the complete text of Genesis VIII 6-12 occupies a following page below which appear the following lines from Paradise Lost:

But first the lawless Tyrant, who denies
To know thir God, or message to regard,
Must be compelld by Signes and Judgements dire;
To blood unshed the Rivers must be turnd,
Frogs, Lice and Flies must all his Palace fill
With loath'd intrusion, and fill all the land.
Paradise Lost, Ed. 1667, bk. x. 11. 1064-1069.

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Blackburn, Jemima. Bible Beasts and Birds: A New Edition of Illustrations of Scripture by an Animal Painter. London: Kegan Paul, 1886. Hathi Trust online version of a copy in the Getty Institute. Web. 11 January 2021.

Last modified 11 January 2021