Biographical materials and criticism

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William Gilbert's Ruth Thornbury; or the Old Maid's Story (1866)

Anthony Trollope's The Claverings (1866)

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Charles Lever’s The Bramleighs of Bishop’s Folly (June, 1867-Oct. 1868)

Annie Edwards' The Ordeal for Wives (1863-64)


Periodicals and other works in which Edwards' illustrations appeared

The Argosy (1868).

Braddon, M.E. Birds of Prey. Belgravia 2 (June 1867). Co-illustrated by M. E. Braddon.

The Churchman’s Family Magazine (1863–64).

Good Words (1866).

The Graphic (1869–80).

Idyllic Pictures. London: Cassell, Petter, & Galpin, 1867. Co-illustrated by Edwards.

The Illustrated Times (1867).

Lever, Charles. The Bramleighs of Bishop’s Folly. The Cornhill Magazine 15 (June, 1867): pp. 640-664; 16 (July-December 1867): 1-666; 17 (January-June 1868): 70-663; 18 (July-October 1868): 1-403. Rpt. London: Chapman & Hall, 1872. Illustrated by M. E. Edwards; engraved by Joseph Swain.

Once a Week (1865–68).

The Quiver (1864–68).

The Sunday Magazine (1865).

Trollope, Anthony. The Claverings. The Cornhill Magazine 13–15 (1866–67).

Secondary Works

[Anon] ‘The Claverings.London Review 14 (11 May 1867): p. 547.

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