Increased facilities are provided for Ladies dining, &c., with Members, by Harry Furniss, illustrating the "Essence of Parliament" series by Henry William Lucy (1843-1924) in Punch. The picture purports to be a sketch of the proceedings in the House of Commons "taken on the spot" to illustrate an extract from the diary of "Toby M. " [Click on the image to enlarge it.]


In the top left-hand corner, the smoking room is shown as deserted. A "family party," complete with Gladstone seated at table, with a "chop and chips" being uncovered in front of him, and children on the floor with a pot of jam, is taking place below it instead. " The Irish Party" is having a knees-up, or enjoying some Irish dancing in the lower left-hand part of the circle. Henry Lucy's text below deals with a more serious topic: it makes capital of Parnell's wanting to raise the matter of parliamentary privilege in connection with the wrongful arrest of the staunch Irish nationalist and MP, William O'Brien (1852-1928), who had been "shamefully treated" according to his doctor ("Election Intelligence"), in an incident that was very much in the news at the time.

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