Plate Number Volume PageDate IllustrationFormat
One62289 January 1881 "But, My Dear Lady, You Promised." horizontal, above 7 lines of double-columned text
Two62 449 February 1881 "Fine Old Screen, Sir!" horizontal, whole-page
Three 62609March 1881 "'What An Escape!' He Said." vertical, whole-page
Four 62769 April 1881 "Somerset Closed The Hand Which Was Hanging By His Side." vertical, whole-page
Five 62929 May 1881 "On Entering The Drawing-Room Only The Father, Son, And Daughter Were Assembled."horizontal, whole-page
Six 63129 June 1881 "Is The Resemblance Strong?"vertical, whole-page
Seven 63289 July 1881 "The Young Man Was At Her Side Before She Had Crossed The Pavement." horizontal, above 4 lines of double-columned text
Eight 63449 August 1881 "My Uncle, Mr. Abner Power, Said Paula."horizontal, whole-page
Nine 636099 September 1881 "You Will Please To Deliver Them Into No Hands But His Own."vertical, whole-page
Ten 63449 October 1881 "Charlotte's Eyes At Once Forsook The Portrait To Dwell On Paula's Face." horizontal, whole-page
Eleven 63929 November 1881 "De Stancy Screened Paula With His Umbrella As They Stood With Their Backs To The Wind."horizontal, whole-page
Twelve 64129 November 1881 "Soon a Funeral Procession of Simpler -- Almost Meagre and Threadbare -- Character Arrived"horizontal, whole-page
Thirteen 64289 November 1881 "Somerset Now Made Them Known To One Another."horizontal, whole-page

In Victorian Novels in Serial (NY: MLA, 1985), J. Don Vann incorrectly indicates on page 85 that the serial run of Hardy's A Laodicean began in the December, 1880, issue of Harper's, possibly because Vol. 62 begins in December. However, had he checked the individual monthly editions against the page numbers given in the table of contents for Vol. 62, he would have discovered that Part One of A Laodicean is in the January, 1881, number.

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