The Illustrations for Ovingdean Grange

Phiz's Last Ainsworth Commissions

First published in monthly serial in Bentley's Miscellany in nineteen parts from November 1859 through July 1860, Ovingdean Grange: A Tale of the South Downs, featuring just eight composite woodblock illustrations by Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne), appeared in volume form in July 1860. This was one of eight 19th century books for which Phiz received a commission in 1860, the others being unremarkable except for Thomas Moore's Lalla Rookh; An Oriental Romance, a re-issue of the 1817 poem. Indeed, although woodblock engraving was not his forté, his only deviations from the woodblock were in Twigs for Nests and Dinner and Diners at Home and Abroad. The 1859-60 Bentley's commission effectively concluded Phiz's working with Ainsworth since Auriol (1865) had actually appeared twenty years earlier as Revellations of London (1844).

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