This adventure story is set in Surrey and in the Caucasian mountains. George Cranleigh is a hardworking and honest farmer, who falls in love with Dariel, the daughter of Prince Imar, a native of the Caucasus. The Prince has a sinister secret in that he has a twin sister with whom he is in dark and terrible conflict. The plot twists around to the point where Imar is facing death at the unwitting hands of his own son. Imar tells his tale, of how love and hatred led to violence and the destruction of his marriage. He resolves to redeem his tangled past by returning to the Caucasus to educate his tribesmen in the principles of the Sermon on the Mount. George Cranleigh has followed Dariel to the East, and absorbs the lessons by risking and saving his own life. But the real climax comes not with George but with Imar, who is saved by some providential violence at the last.

Last updated 25 April 2006