The Covid-19 pandemic prompted the organizers of the conference to include both pre-recorded and in-person presentations. In addition to dedicated times in the program to view pre-recorded presentations, all pre-recorded papers were made available to registered participants three days in advance. ••• = pre-recorded sessions. *** = link to abstract or complete essay.

1a. Dickens and Sound

1b. Out of England

1c. Dickens on Screen

2a. Dickens and Education

2b. Dickensian Afterlives

2c. Watching and Staging Dickens

Digital Humanities Roundtable

Reading Groups

Theatre Roundtable

3a. ••• New Perspectives on Dickens’s Texts

3b. ••• Dickens and Europe

3c. ••• Dickens’s Ghosts

4a. ••• Dickens and American Celebrity

4b. ••• Bodies and Touch

4c. ••• Dickens in Translation

Dramatic and Musical Event

Pandemic Roundtable

5a. ••• Dickens and Childhood

5b. ••• Law and Witnessing

5c. ••• Dickens’s Environments

6a. ••• Dickens and Class

6b. ••• Identity Creation and Narration

6c. ••• Problematic Legacies

7a. Dickens and Money

7b. Teaching Dickens

7c. Dickens and Detection

Last modified 21 September 2021