[Note 6 in the author's biography of Thomas Hood.]

I refer in this passage only to those who are the subjects of my "Memories;" but to this list may be added the names of Tytler, Forbes, Owen, Sir William Hamilton, M'Culloch, the widow and daughters of the artist Shee, the widow of the painter Havdon, the poet-laureate Tennyson, the widow of Sir Charles Bell, the "destitute" daughters of Principal Robertson, the botanist Curtis, the widow of London, and probably others, of whom I have no knowledge. These were, or are, all participants of that state bounty which the country enables a minister to dole out to its worthies. [143n].


Hall, S. C. A Book of Memories of Great Men and Women of the Age, from Personal Acquaintance. 3rd ed. London: J. S. Virtue, n.d.

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