1881 Schoolboy Lyrics.

1886 Departmental Ditties.

1887 Soldier Tales, Indian Tales, and Tales of the Opposite Sex.

1888 Plain Tales from the Hills, Soldiers Three, The Story of the Gadsbys, In Black and White, Wee Wee Willie Winkie, and Turn overs from "The Civil and Military Gazette"

1890 The Courting of Dinah Shadd and Other Stories and The City of Dreadful Night.

1891 The Light that Failed, Letters of Marque and Life's Handicap.

1892 Barrack-Room Ballads, Rhymed Chapter Headings, and The Naulahka

1893 Many Inventions.

1894 The Jungle Book.

1895 The Second Jungle Book.

1896 The Seven Seas and Soldier Tales.

1897 Captains Courageous.

1898 An Almanac of Twelve Sports,The Day's Work and A Fleet in Being.

1899 Stalky and Co. and From Sea to Sea.

1900 The Kipling Reader.

1901 Kim and War's Brighter Side.

1902 Just So Stories.

1903 The Five Nations.

1904 Traffics and Discoveries.

1906 Puck of Pook's Hill.

1907 Collected Verse.

1909 Actions and Reactions.

1910 Rewards and Fairies.

1911 A History of England. [commentary]

1912 Collected Verse (British edition) and Songs from Books.

1915 "Mary Postgate," The New Army in Training and France in War.

1916 Sea Warfare is published.

1917 A Diversity of Creatures.

1919 The Graves of the Fallen and The Years Between.

1920 Horace Odes, Book V and Letters of Travel.

1923 The Irish Guards in the Great War and Land and Sea.

1924 Songs for Youth.

1926 Sea and Sussex and Debits and Credits.

1927 Songs of the Sea.

1928 A Book of Words.

1929 Poems, 1886-1929.

1930 Thy Servant A Dog.

1932 Limits and Renewals.

1934 Collected Dog Stories.

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