Woolner statue of Macaulay

Thomas Woolner's statue of Macaulay

1800 Born, October 25 at Rothley Temple Leicestershire.
1812-18 Prepared for college in private schools.
1818 Entered Trinity College, Cambridge.
1824 Essays in Knight's Quarterly Review.
1825 Essay on Milton in Edinburgh Review.
1826 Called to the bar.
1846 Redeems himself in eyes of his friends by election to a one-year fellowship at Oriel College, Oxford.
1830 Elected to Parliament.
18?? Made first great speech in Parliament.
1834-38 Member of Supreme Council in India
1839 Elected to Parliament as member for Edinburgh.
1842 Publishes Lays of Ancient Rome.
1843 Publishes Collected Essays, 3 volumes.
1847 Loses seat in Parliament.
1848 Publishes first two volumes of History of England.
1849 Lord Rector of University of Glasgow.
1852 Reelected to Parliament for Edinburgh.
1855 Publishes History of England, Vols. III-IV.
1856 Resigns from Parliament.
1857 Made Baron Macaulay of Rothley.
1859 Dies, December 28; buried in Westminster Abbey.
1861 History of England, Vol. V, edited by Lady Trevelyan, appears.

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