'Tis held that sorrow makes us wise;
      Yet how much wisdom sleeps with thee
      Which not alone had guided me,
But served the seasons that may rise;

For can I doubt, who knew thee keen
      In intellect, with force and skill
      To strive, to fashion, to fulfil —
I doubt not what thou wouldst have been:

A life in civic action warm,
      A soul on highest mission sent,
      A potent voice of Parliament,
A pillar steadfast in the storm,

Should licensed boldness gather force,
      Becoming, when the time has birth,
      A lever to uplift the earth
And roll it in another course,

With thousand shocks that come and go,
      With agonies, with energies,
      With overthrowings, and with cries
And undulations to and fro.

Last modified 19 February 2010